Should You Ditch Your Performance Reviews?

Last year Adobe Systems abolished performance reviews, citing employee complaints about the existing appraisal process coupled with the company's need to retool its talent management practices to compete in the digital marketing space. The announcement reflects a growing sentiment among human capital experts that formal reviews do little to provide the type of feedback that employees need. And let's face it, most managers loathe the process.

I'm in favor of ditching the type of performance reviews that are used in over 95% of the companies I've observed. They are outdated tools for the New Economy, and in most cases the amount of organizational time, energy and money spent each year on the process far outweighs the purported benefits.

Other options exist for providing employees with effective feedback, development and rewards. I've written about these options in my new whitepaper, "Working Without Performance Reviews - An Alternative Approach." Feel free to download it or contact me for additional insight and expertise.

Amy Hirsh Robinson, Principal, Interchange Group
Workforce Strategies for the New Economy