I've observed a fundamental change in our economy and the labor market that supports it. Generational shifts, disruptive business models, automation and rising economic uncertainty have changed the playing field and what is required of our workforce. Over the past two decades I have created a consulting practice to prepare leaders and their employees for our new economy. This work solves the most costly and business critical issues facing leaders:

•  Becoming an employer of choice to attract the best talent
•  Onboarding new employees to ensure the retention and engagement of top talent
•  Managing and motivating talent across the generations
•  Planning for the succession of mission critical roles and building effective leadership pipelines for the future

Large consulting firms can provide you with workforce statistics and trend analysis. My work applies relevant data to your industry, culture and workforce, and creates a strategy and implementation plan, unique to your situation, that truly drives change and enhances your competitive position. 

Attracting & Retaining A Multigenerational Workforce

Building an Effective Leadership Pipeline

Onboarding Tips For That Lasting First Impression

Succession Planning Now for Successful Leaders Later

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