Rethink Your Candidate Experience or Ruin Your Brand

Chances are, your current hiring process is ruining your employer brand. Consider these statistics:

  • 60% of job seekers report a negative candidate experience with the employers they engage.

  • 72% of job seekers report sharing their negative candidate experiences online.

  • 55% of job seekers report avoiding certain companies after reading negative online reviews.

Job seekers begin to form an opinion about a company, as an employer AND as a business, the very moment they begin the application process. One negative candidate experience creates a ripple effect as applicants vocalize and post their dissatisfaction with how they were treated and discourage others from applying. Millennials, who represent three-fourths of active job seekers, are especially quick to share their experiences online and pay particularly close attention to reviews from their peers.

Most employers are oblivious to their role in creating a negative candidate experience and fail to understand the broader impact their behavior has on their company’s brand and ability to recruit top talent. Wondering what constitutes a bad experience for the applicant and how ensure a great one? Download my new whitepaper, Rethink Your Candidate Experience or Ruin Your Brand or feel free to contact me directly for more information.