Fixing The Skills Gap By Training Your Own

We are nearing full employment in many parts of the U.S. and older workers are beginning to retire in record numbers. Finding skilled talent to fill the jobs that Baby Boomers held and perfected for years may be an insurmountable task for some employers. The pipelines that traditionally supplied skilled workers to companies have simply run dry due to changing attitudes among Millennials and the gradual decline of trade schools and technical education programs in high schools.

To fix the skills gap – which transcends industries - employers are taking matters into their own hands and developing internal apprenticeship programs. These specialized training platforms – part classroom, part on-the-job training - have successfully produced new, highly skilled employees for a variety of functions, including alarm company technicians, welders, medical assistants, warehouse workers, and engineers. They have also enabled companies, large and small, to build highly customized competencies, skills and behaviors that match their unique talent needs.

If you are curious about this approach, HR Magazine has a great article on the topic this month. You are also welcome to contact me directly with questions.