Maybe Retention is the Wrong Strategy

Companies spend massive amounts time, money and headspace on strategies to increase employee retention, hoping that doing so will indemnify them from the risks of losing valuable employees, or thinking this will solve whatever labor shortage they face that threatens the health and growth of their business.

Do they have it all wrong? Maybe retention is the wrong approach. Perhaps there is a better way.

Retention is an overrated strategy that jeopardizes a company’s success, longevity and competitive advantage in the workforce. Employers who are willing to embrace this new model of work, where enthusiastic employees give organizations 100% when they are there and readily transfer knowledge to the next generation of talent when they move up or on, will have a significant competitive advantage in the labor markets and industries they serve.

To understand why retention may be the wrong strategy for your company, read my new white paper, Six Reasons Why Employers Must Rethink Their Focus On Retention, or feel free to contact me directly.