The strategies and practices that made organizations and their leaders successful in the past is not what will equip them to survive and thrive in the future. My work focuses on preparing leaders and their workforces to excel under conditions and in environments that are very different from what they know and are used to.

I consult to Fortune 500 companies, privately held businesses and not-for-profit organizations from a variety of industries on the following:  



Becoming An Employer of Choice

To be an Employer of Choice in the New Economy, we must understand that the talent landscape has evolved dramatically and that the person determining whether a company is an Employer of Choice has changed. By 2025, Millennials will comprise 75% of the U.S. workforce. They will set the tone for employee engagement for the foreseeable future. The pure size and influence of this generational cohort will affect the perceptions and attitudes of Generation X and Baby Boomer employees as well.

To stay competitive in this New Economy, companies must understand the changing talent landscape and adopt new methods for attracting and engaging employees. I apply my expertise on the changing workforce to effectively position companies in the labor market as Employers of Choice and ensure the retention of top talent. My services include:

  • Employer value proposition & branding strategies
  • Workplace flexibility initiatives
  • Employee engagement programs
  • Workplace inclusivity strategies
  • Career pathing & development practices

New Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is taking on a new priority as generational shifts gather steam and the labor market tightens. Research shows that companies that invest in a structured onboarding process experience dramatic increases in revenue and customer satisfaction, and in employee retention, productivity and engagement.

Most employers devote little time to their onboarding process, a mistake that costs them greatly both in bottom line and reputation. I bring immediate value by providing strategic counsel and tactical support on the onboarding practices that matter most for businesses. These include:

  • Planning & execution of the key phases and activities of an effective onboarding program, from pre-employment through the first year of employment
  • New employee orientation makeovers
  • Executive onboarding processes
  • Intern-to-new-hire transition tactics

Talent Management Across the Generations

As longevity rates increase, organizations are faced with an unprecedented and long-term situation of employing four or more generations in the workforce. The challenge of the 21st century leader is to effectively manage, motivate and engage a multigenerational workforce in a way that fosters inclusion, agility and innovation.

I have developed a deep expertise of the diverse generational attitudes and behaviors in the workplace and consult on the leadership competencies and talent management practices necessary to drive performance across the generations. My services include:

  • Communication & engagement strategies across the generations
  • Strategies to attract, integrate, retain, engage & develop Millennial employees
  • Mentor & "reverse mentor" programs
  • Leadership development initiatives across the generations
  • Corporate training courses on intergenerational communication & management

Succession Planning

Most succession plans are irrelevant to today's business challenges. Demographic shifts, globalization, disruptive business models, automation and economic uncertainty have changed the playing field and what is required of leaders. Succession planning practices have not kept up.

There has been much talk of the new normal in American business but little practical discussion on how to retool succession planning to meet new and future challenges facing companies. I combine thought leadership with practical insights to guide executives and HR leaders through successful and results-oriented succession planning practices, including:

  • Designing “future state” organizational structures & roles
  • Leadership & workforce competency modeling
  • Facilitated executive succession planning sessions to identify & assess talent
  • Succession planning tools & processes
  • Leadership development strategies & programs
  • Leadership transition planning