Effective Beats Flashy When Onboarding

To effectively onboard new hires, you must be disciplined, not innovative. Sure, you can build some clever bells and whistles, unique to your corporate culture and industry, into your new employee orientation and first days on the job. I have done this successfully with numerous companies, embedding fun and meaningful events and touch points into the process to acculturate new hires and amplify their enthusiasm. The real success, however, comes from a disciplined and practical approach to onboarding newcomers that accelerates their time to productivity and keeps them engaged in your organization for the long haul.

Getting the basics right and focusing on what really matters to new employees during the onboarding period is critical to an organization’s success and should be emphasized over flashy presentations and company swag. To learn how to effectively onboard new hires, download my whitepaper, New Hire Onboarding - Why Effective Is Better Than Flashy. I will also be speaking on the topic in depth at the annual SHRM conference in Las Vegas this month. If you plan to be there, please join me during my Mega Session, The First 90 Days Will Make Or Break Your New Hire, on June 25 th at 10:45.