Recruiting Your Next HR Executive

I have been doing some compelling work with CEOs in the past year, supporting the recruiting of their Chief People/HR Officer. They reached out to me for this expertise because this position is so important to their company’s success in attracting, onboarding, retaining and growing new talent for the long term, and for developing future leaders for the succession of their soon-to-retire executive management.

I have been able to refine the support I offer CEOs and their teams in finding and selecting exceptional Human Resource executives. The results have been gratifying:

“My company was in dire need of a seasoned executive to transform and lead our HR team. I hired the Interchange Group to help me understand the role I truly needed and then lead the process of finding the perfect fit. Amy has deep knowledge, wisdom and understanding in the HR executive space. She was pivotal in helping to find our new VP of People, who is a home run for Delta!” - Tim Schmidt, CEO, Delta Defense

“Amy expertly served Elevations by assisting us in interviewing and selecting our Chief People Officer. I truly benefited from Amy’s counsel to help me with a vitally important decision that will have a lasting impact on our organization. We now have the best executive to help us strategically manage our human capital that will enable us to be a market leader.” - Gerry Agnes, CEO, Elevations Credit Union

I can now offer this new support to you or to other CEOs you might know in need of this unique service. My short white paper, The Top 10 Competencies CPOs Must Possess, presents a quick overview of what needs to be considered in the recruiting and selection of your next HR executive.

Thanks for your consideration of this. I would appreciate hearing from you.