Predict Job Candidate Success

Spring and summer are busy recruiting times for companies that rely on graduates from colleges, trade schools and high schools. Assessing candidates effectively for key skills and competencies is critical to their success and requires the right tools.

Many employers are adopting new skill-based assessment techniques such as virtual reality. With VR, companies can safely assess applicants' skills, ranging from problem solving to wel0ding, in a simulated environment without having to tie up costly production resources, staffing and raw materials for screening. The assessments deliver instantaneous feedback and proficiency scores to hiring managers.

Employers are also using predictive assessments such as behavioral-based interviewing to calculate candidate success. Behavioral interview questions are situational, open-ended questions that ask applicants how they have responded to various circumstances that have occurred in the past, thus predicting how they will perform in the job for which they are applying. Such assessments provide hiring managers with a realistic understanding of a candidate's competencies, knowledge and experience.

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