Be an Employer of Choice in 2019

To be an Employer of Choice in today’s tight labor market, organizations must understand that the talent landscape has evolved dramatically and that the person determining whether a company is an Employer of Choice has changed. Millennials now represent the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. Their expectations -- for diversity, transparency, collaborative work cultures, fluid organizational structures, flexible work environments, and positive social atmospheres -- are challenging most companies’ workplace norms. And just as important, other generations, having been introduced to these concepts and to the Millennials’ incredible demographic influence, are adopting these expectations.

It is critical that companies recognize the changing talent landscape and adopt new methods for attracting and engaging employees. To understand what it takes to become an Employer of Choice download my whitepaper, “Becoming An Employer of Choice In The New Economy – 5 Strategies For Creating Your Competitive Advantage,” or register for my webinar on March 22, Becoming an ‘Employer of Choice’: Best Practices to Recruit, Retain and Shine.