Your 2019 Recruitment Strategy

Recruiting will continue to be a top challenge for employers across industries in 2019. In this tight labor market, companies must be willing to focus on the candidate experience or they will lose talent to the competition. Diligently following these strategies will create a significant competitive advantage:

  1. Make it mandatory that each candidate is thanked for their application and told when they will hear back about next steps in the application process. For large companies, the notification systems can be automated, but ensure the message does not come across as machinelike.

  2. Keep candidates apprised of their application status at set intervals and inform them about where they stand in the decision process. Close the loop with every candidate that applies for the job, not just the ones who get the job. The people who do not get hired have just as much influence on an employer’s reputation as those who join the organization.

  3. Allow various application options so that candidates can apply by uploading their resume or via their social media profiles. Shorten application forms to include only the questions that are absolutely necessary and eliminate the need for applicants to create accounts in order to apply for jobs.

For other critical recruiting strategies and information download my whitepaper, Rethink Your Candidate Experience or Ruin Your Brand, or feel free to contact me directly for more information.