The Top 10 Most Promising Jobs for Millennials

The class of 2016 has graduated. And while some have secured employment, many are still weighing their options. According to a recent Fortune Magazine article, the most promising jobs for Millennials include some surprising contenders: 

  1. Physician Assistants
  2. Actuaries
  3. Statisticians
  4. Biomedical Engineers
  5. Computer & Information Research Scientists
  6. Market Research Analysts & Marketing Specialists
  7. Nuclear Engineers
  8. Elevator Installers & Repairers
  9. Petroleum Engineers
  10. Therapists

The list in unexpected, and challenges conventional views on what “opportunity” means. But for companies that are struggling to find and keep Millennial talent, it represents significant clues as to what Millennials need and want from employers this year. 

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Amy Hirsh Robinson, Principal, Interchange Group
Workforce Strategies for the New Economy