The Impact of Social Media in the Workplace

Social Media offers a powerful and pervasive communications platform that is radically changing the way we interact. Already widespread in many aspects of daily life, social media will significantly impact the way we communicate, organize work and manage talent in organizations. As the Millennial generation (born ca. 1980-2000) gains critical mass in companies and assumes positions of management and influence, social media will take on an even more central role in the workplace.  

Numerous leading-edge businesses are working to integrate social media into their decision-making, communication, knowledge management, recruitment, and talent management practices. When considering the application of social media in enterprise-wide and Human Resources systems, there is no one-size-fits-all approach or solution. Every organization is unique in its business needs, culture and readiness to adapt new technologies and rituals. 

I have developed a useful framework for leaders to help them evaluate social media's impact and role within organizations and the challenges and opportunities it brings. Feel free to download a copy of this framework, "The Impact of Social Media in the Workplace - 7 Key Trends," or contact me for additional insight and questions.

Amy Hirsh Robinson, Principal, 
Interchange Group
Workforce Strategies for the New Economy