Workforce Trends for 2010

The Great Recession. The Reset Decade. Call it what you like, employers and employees in the U.S. are ready for a change. While the economy shows modest signs of improvement, job growth continues to stagnate. Predictions point to a slow overall job recovery peppered with a demand for highly skilled, flexible labor. As a result, companies are making strategic investments this year in HR initiatives that will help them stay competitive and reposition themselves for growth. Here are some workforce trends we see for 2010.

  • Expansion of flexible work arrangements, including telecommuting, shorter work weeks and reduced work schedules
  • Investment in workforce analytic tools to ensure better data and decision making on top performers and high potential employees
  • Targeted skill development for managers on coaching and performance feedback
  • Proliferation of social networking technology for collaboration and training
  • Spread of career pathing initiatives as recruitment and retention tools for highly skills workers

The Interchange Group is helping organizations rethink workforce models to be more flexible and respond to the diverse needs of a multi-generational labor market. What can you do in 2010 to be an agent of change?