Mapping China's Urban Middle Class

In early 2009, the number of Internet users in China passed 300 million. What's more, the number of Chinese blogs is estimated in the tens of millions. This makes the Chinese blogosphere the largest available source of information on the growing Chinese middle class. Our strategic partner and international think tank and consulting firm, Kairos Future, is starting an exciting project to map the Chinese middle class and the rapidly growing number of online Chinese.

Through a combination of nethnographic blog analysis and quantitative surveys Kairos Future will be able to break down China's urban middle class across different demographic groups and regions and analyze its views on a variety of issues, including work, consumption, family, housing, education, technology, and lifestyle. The results of this exclusive research will be critical for any company looking to understand where one of the most important consumer and talent markets in the world is heading. To become a corporate research partner with Kairos Future or for more information on this project and others, please contact a member of our Interchange Group team.

To register for this week's webinar, "Future Workforce: Millennials in a Global Context," featuring research from Kairos Future's Global Youth Study, click here.