July 16 Webinar: Generational Differences in Volunteerism

On July 16, the Interchange Group will be hosting its popular online seminar, "Generational Differences in Volunteerism - Recruitment & Retention Strategies for Nonprofits." The 45-minute session is designed to equip nonprofit executives and boards with new insight and techniques for recruiting, retaining and engaging top quality board members and volunteers. Key learning includes:

  • Tap into the unique values and motivations for volunteering that each generation possesses
  • Optimize the skills, experience and resources of older generations to increase participation and effectiveness
  • Harness the energy of younger generations and the power of social online networking in nonprofit fundraising and advocacy
  • Identify the best communication channels and messages for each generation to maximize recruitment impact and to increase volunteer engagement
Nonprofit executive directors, board members and development professionals are especially encouraged to attend!

Details and registration