What Gen X Men Want (Originally published August 2007)

Men in Generation X (born 1963-1981) with children spend as much as one hour more per day with their kids than Baby Boomer men (born 1944-1962) did at their age. When surveyed, 71% of men across all generations say they would take a pay cut to have more free time. 66% would consider looking elsewhere for positions that provided more flexibility. Gen X men are especially likely to want more work-life balance but worry that talking about it will jeopardize their careers. They may opt to find another job with established programs to balance work and other commitments rather than negotiate with their current employer.

The desire for flexibility doesn’t mean Gen X men want to give up their careers. Most are just looking for jobs that let them develop as professionals while having personal time outside of work. Here are some strategies to engage them in a competitive labor market.
  • Ensure job descriptions are achievable and not overloading any one position
  • Reward for results and productivity, not face-time and hours spent in the office Focus on team-driven approaches to work that create 24/7 service without compromising individual needs to refuel
  • Use language that values efforts to find balance rather than stigmatizing it
  • Provide opportunities for all employees to balance work with other activities as appropriate through telecommuting, flextime, and other programs
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