Telecommuting Across the Generations (originally published April 2007)

Telecommuting is an effective recruitment and retention tool as demands for flexible work arrangements increase. The key to a successful telecommuting program is to keep everyone connected, since out-of-sight easily means out-of-mind. Employees from all generations are interested in telecommuting but for different reasons. Understanding these motivations is critical to developing the program that is right for your organization.
  • Traditionalists see telecommuting as a way to stay connected to their profession on a part-time work schedule
  • Baby Boomers perceive telecommuting to be a method for mitigating burnout and recalibrating their careers
  • Gen Xers want opportunities to telecommute in an effort to balance work and family
  • Millennials view telecommuting as a means to manage their multiple professional and extracurricular commitments
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