Millennials & Volunteerism (originally published July 2006)

Volunteer work among the Millennial generation (born 1982-2003) is at an all time high of 83%. Combine this with their unprecedented ability to organize collectively using technology (think meets the Red Cross) and you have a force of 75 million activists changing the face of charitable contribution.

But what does this mean for employers as Millennials enter the US labor market? Companies relying on recent college graduates are looking for an answer. Many have experienced costly employee attrition by not addressing this generation’s drive to both make a difference and find meaning in their work. A handful of organizations know how to hold on to these workers and create a competitive advantage in the process. Want to know their secret?

Get creative with your organization’s volunteer opportunities!

  • Offer employees opportunities to donate pretax dollars to charities of their choice
  • Highlight community involvement in your company newsletter
  • Provide occasions for hands-on volunteerism during work hours
  • Organize employee teams to collectively volunteer
  • Match off-work employee volunteer hours with paid time off
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