Generation X & Work Life Balance (originally published August 2006)

Work-Life balance is a high priority for Generation Xers (born 1962-1981). These “latchkey kids” felt the brunt of tripled divorce rates and late-working, dual-income parents. As a result, Gen Xers make different career choices to balance work and life. Many choose jobs closer to home over promotions. Others opt out of the workforce altogether to care for young children or freelance.

What does this mean for employers relying on Gen Xers to take over from retiring Baby Boomers? How will companies keep this generation motivated and loyal? Traditional succession plans, incentive strategies and promotional tracks won’t work. Organizations thinking differently about recruiting and retaining this cohort can gain a competitive advantage. Here are some quick tips:

Help Gen Xers balance work and life commitments!

  • Offer telecommuting and flexible work schedules
  • Utilize comp days as incentives for productivity
  • Reward for results, not hours spent in the office
  • Provide time-saving “maintenance” services (e.g. house cleaning, dog-walkers, car washes)
  • Highlight work-life balance success stories in your company’s newsletter

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