Engaging Baby Boomers (originally published August 2006)

As the first Baby Boomers approach traditional retirement age, employers fear a significant loss of talent and productivity. However, a drive for professional recognition, the desire for an active lifestyle, and in many cases insufficient retirement savings will prompt many Boomers to keep working. That doesn’t mean they’ll remain in the same organization or capacity. Instead, Boomers will seek opportunities to work less and in different roles that provide more meaning to them as their motivations change.

How can you retain the knowledge and expertise of Boomers while keeping them engaged? Here are some solutions:

  • Create alternative work models that include flexible schedules, telecommuting, and sabbaticals.
  • Involve Boomers in developing programs to transfer knowledge to younger generations.
  • Help Boomers draft career plans that marry their needs with your company’s.
  • Offer financial planning services as part of your benefits package.
  • Provide training to update Boomer skill sets and keep them competitive.

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