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Amy Hirsh Robinson, MBA


"Amy knows her stuff and is a great consulting partner in her area of expertise. She spoke and worked with very senior leadership in our large company and she is someone you can bring to the table with full confidence and trust that she will impress everyone with whom she comes into contact. I highly recommend her."

Zanku Armenian - Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Southern California Edison

"I have worked with many large consulting firms. The Strategic Plan that came out of the meetings held with Amy is one of the most useful documents I have ever seen. It has truly become a living, breathing document for our organization. Since these initial meetings I have worked with Amy on other projects and the results were the same. I highly recommend Amy to any organization going through change, wanting to know more about generational issues, or that needs to become more strategic."

Cassandra Loch – CEO, Prototypes

"The value that Amy brings to an organization is phenomenal. Her greatest strength is looking at an issue through a business lens first and then applying her expertise in generational differences. She is articulate, calm under pressure and an incredible partner."

Eve Waldman – Human Resources Director, Mattel

"Amy Hirsh Robinson is one of the smartest people I know with regard to cross generational communication, cooperation and collaboration. If your organization or company is composed of multiple generations of workers, you are leaving massive productivity and results on the table if you aren't effective at getting different generations to work together. Amy and her company the Interchange Group are among the best resources you will ever find to help you do that."

Mark Goulston – Author of internationally best selling book "Just Listen" 

"Amy is a thought leader in the field of talent management. She translates complex workplace trends into executable business solutions, winning her the trust and respect of business and HR executives alike - and providing a powerful ROI. Amy is well known for her writing and consulting on the topics of employee onboarding, leadership development, and succession planning. Amy is very bright, and has fascinating insights into business and society; she is a pleasure to work with. I recommend her to any company/organization for whom its people are a key part of its success."

Lewis Stanton - Managing Partner, Stanton Associates LLC